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(currently offered in Reading, Philadelphia and NJ only) Now accepting PayPal!

  • You're in charge - but you're not the parent
  • Negotiations
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Setting boundaries
  • Telephone/Texting safety
  • Staying involved
  • Recognizing and emergency
  • What to cover before the parents leave
  • Debriefing the parents when they come home

Parents night out is less stressful with a certified child care sitter

Parents can feel more confident that the teenager they chose to care for their child has been properly equipped with the knowledge to handle their kids while they enjoy a night out.

See what our clients are saying:

"This is the best, hands on and informative class I've ever seen. Our instructor covers everything from how to diaper to negotiations with older children to reach a great outcome."

Sharon, NJ

"Wow - my daughter stayed engaged the whole time. That's quite unusual. The information she learned makes me more confident in her ability to take charge of other children".

Tammy, PA

"You will not find a better class for content or price."

Stephanie, PA

"I was so pleased to see this class after checking with the Red Cross first. They were tremendously high priced and totally out of our budget range. Kathy came to our organization and my 8 girls from our church group learned SO much from this course at more than half the price. And she came to "US". Great program guys. I'll be referring you to everyone I know."

Carroll, Teen Center Director, NJ

"I was particularly impressed with the four age groups of children and how our instructor broke it down with great advice and conversation on how to handle them. The first aid and CPR training really made my daughter feel like she now has the confidence to take charge"

Billy, PA

Mom and Dad are part of the program

Class length is 3 hours

Graduation ceremony is fun and includes the parents/guardian

Cost of the class is $50.00 per student

Use PayPal and save $5 to

(Credit cards are no longer accepted due to high merchant fees)

NOTE: A minimum of 5 students are required to hold the class. Parents may be asked to register for another class if necessary. Prepayments are non-refundable.

Every age requires a different approach

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