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Saving Lives through Training and Technology

Savings Lives through Training & Technology

Types of different AEDs

Philips HeartStart Onsite AED

Philips, the leader in portable defibrillation technology, designed the HeartStart Onsite Defibrillator for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment. Available without a prescription, the Onsite is designed to be the easiest-to-use, and most reliable defibrillator available. Philips innovative technology,
based on extensive research and user feedback, has produced a defibrillator so easy to use that you can potentially save the life of a co-worker, friend, or anyone else stricken with sudden cardiac arrest. Weighing just 3.3 lbs., this small and lightweight defibrillator can be easily carried to the patient. Using clear, natural voice instructions, the Onsite Defibrillator guides you through each step of defibrillation and CPR. Integrated SMART Pads placed on the patient transmit information to the defibrillator, which senses and adapts to your actions every step of the way. HeartStart Onsite includes proven Philips technologies for heart rhythm assessment, known as SMART Analysis, and for defibrillation energy delivery, known as SMART Biphasic. And like all HeartStart defibrillators, it can be used to treat adults, as well as infants and children.

AED Unit Price: $1,550.00                                       

Adult Replacement Pad Cartridge: $65.00                        

Child/Infant Pad Cartridge: $98.00                               

Replacement Battery: $165.00